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LHD art

Live Drawing Artist

LHD Art is a self taught artist. She is passionate about depicting people feeling safe to be their authentic self. This is reflected in the work she exhibits. LHD has worked on a variety of creative projects, showcasing the beauty of regular people using their bodies naturally - the way they were designed to be used.


Her works from self-directed projects such as Burlesque, Femme Domme and Athletes have been showcased around the world. Her solo exhibitions have toured Sydney, Armidale, Korea, New Orleans, Los Angeles and Florida.

Her works are not merely life drawing. but often capture live movement, from planned professional performances to spontaneous moments of intimacy. The circumstances LHD chooses to draw from are not only challenging artistically,  but also emotionally. Her greatest challenge, however, is capturing the intention of her models in the moment through their posture and expression -  the most difficult question raised by LHD's work is  why people do what they do?

This project will challenge her to step out of her normal artistic process and adapt to the changing times of isolation.

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